Author, Publisher, and Voice Talent

While I’ve had many careers in my life, the golden thread has always been writing and speaking. From acting and playwrighting, teaching, instructional design, technical writing, resume writing, to ghostwriting.
When Parks and Recreation came out, my name started auto-correcting to Ron Swanson, and my ghostwriting days were over. That was enough to get me writing (and recording) my own books under my own name.

Robert Alexander Swanson

What Do I Write?

As an author, I try to bring you fantastic stories that are well written, exciting, and guaranteed to make you think! These include screenplays, fiction, non-fiction, and Kindle Vellas.

You may wonder, why all three names? Rob Swanson is, unfortunately, a VERY common name, so my author name is used to stand out, but you can call me Rob.