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A trained actor, I have recorded voiceover and narration for videos, books, and radio.
I have my own studio and recording software, so I’m ready to go.

I’ll be honest and let you know I don’t narrate audio books anymore. Takes too long and I have other things to do. Voiceover and radio plays, though, just contact me on the Contact Me page.

Also, I intend to do a YouTube series on writing your first book. Nothing annoys me more than bestselling authors who charge for “training.” If you’re a true bestseller, you have money already. I’ve been studying the field of writing for many, many years and I’m happy to provide that for free (well, maybe ad revenue).

Let me go into that a bit more. Years ago, I read The On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy and realized my purpose is to write and help other writers. I started Prevail Press and The Writers’ Arc for that reason and soon the YouTube series of short, one-topic videos called So You Want To Write a Book. Look for it in a couple months.