Kindle Vellas

Amazon’s new Vellas program for people who read on their phones, are short, episodic stories in a series.

I use them as a novel farm, writing the A plot and eventually, I’ll write add the B plot in a novel.

The Often Uncivil Civil Court
of Judge Craig Z. McNulty
Paranormal Fun
Former Rock Star and now Civil Court Judge Zebo has an odd relationship with his ex-wife. And every Friday, some surprising cases too hard to believe and too fun not to!
The strangest romance you’ll ever read

Stupid Powers
Stupid Powers, Clever Heroes
Wouldn’t it be great to have super powers? Not if you’re the unknowing product of a Nazi scientist mucking around with DNA. Because every power has its downside, and sometimes they’re downright dangerous. These are the antics and mishaps of gifted individuals who can’t quite unwrap them.