I thought I’d be writing for adults, but Young Adult books and Mid-Grade books are what I’ve come up with (my next book is a New Adult book, so I’m aging upward it more ways than one.

Me and the Maniac in Outer Space
Trilogy and Collection

Me and the Maniac Book Series

Book 1
To the Moon, Alice!

Hudson and Jack make an astonishing discovery that opens the universe to them!

Book 2
Officers and Indians

Hudson and Jack bring home a… unique friend and discover they aren’t when they thought they were!

Book 3
Off to Save the Universe

Much time has passed, and a weary Hudson is told about an approaching alien threat. Can he get the gang back to save the universe?

The Collection in Hardcover
Me and the Maniac in Outer Space

This is the collected story all in one hardback book. Only on Barnes & Noble because they make better hardcovers. For now…

Do Angels Still Fall?

What’s a Guardian Angel to do when he’s given a new charge who isn’t a baby but a pre-teen, hyperactive boy AND he’s told to reveal himself to his charge? Breaking new ground for angels, Donael complies and faces a host of challenges and new emotions when he becomes the boy’s only friend. Moved to make a rash promise, Donael finds himself wondering… do angels still fall?

A novel for the whole family! The musings of a bewildered angel will spark dozens of conversations and explore truth in surprising and novel ways!